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Logo and Artwork Specifications





Rayjus uses logos that are vector files that are originally created in Corel or Illustrator. These are scalable images that do not lose quality when sized up or down. If an image is blurry it will print blurry. 

If your logo(s) are not print ready there will be additional charges to prepare the logo(s) for print.

Here at Rayjus we take pride in what we print and we want your sponsors to stand out and look their best. We have over 5,000 logos on file, but occassionally we need you to send us logos we do not have. These can be sent to logos@rayjus.com. For more information please review our FAQs section on LOGOS. Thank you.



LOGO Design or Re-Draw


Rayjus Outdoors does custom logo designs. Whether it is for your club, team, or company let Rayjus work with you to design a logo that represents you perfectly.

If you already have a logo but it needs updating or you need it to be in a format that can be used for all your marketing needs, then Rayjus can help.

Whether it needs to be designed from scratch, re-drawn or updated, let us help you. We do not recommend programs that claim to vectorize your logo as these produce less than desirable quality, and we usually end up fixing them anyway.

Please email logos to logos@rayjus.com.



Visit our  FAQs   for more information.


Our Logo Department will work with you closely from start to finish to create a logo that really stands out and helps brand your company by using the latest design programs. All logos are created in Corel, Photoshop or Illustrator. You'll be able to use your logo for all print and web formats.

If you have a logo that is too small to use on a jersey we  can help make it useable to a vector file. We only use the latest design programs to convert your logos in usable formats including colors that we know will print well on our jerseys, hoodies, and any decals.





To re-draw or update a logo $32.50 for half-hour (minimum charge), or $60 per hour depending on logo design.

New logo designs $60 per hour (ONE-hour minimum), this (includes 3 revisions), anything after will be $25 per hour design fees.

When you send the logos we will be glad to give you a quote.



For information regarding logo creation or redraw Call 815-513-5583 ext. 201.